Importance of upgrading your Business to Drupal 10

Importance of upgrading your Business to Drupal 10

Posted by admin ,16th Feb 2024

After the pandemic hit the world every businesses needed to establish their online presence and the businesses already having their online presence needed to up their online game. As the digital landscape begin to evolve as the online traffic increases. So, its most important for businesses to have a website that is secure, fast, scalable and easy to use.

Embrace the latest technology for success

For the businesses in Drupal 9 platform, here are;

The Difference between Drupal 9 and Drupal 10

In June 2020, when Drupal 9, Drupal 8 also continue to receive updates with over 200 new features and shown user growth. Drupal 9 was introduced with many new features and security upgrades. These upgrades where the most user friendly and innovative version of Drupal as it provides some exceptional improvements to the site builders and developers.

Drupal 10 was released in December 2022, with the much more refined and enhanced features and benefits, and upgrading to Drupal 10 can improve ROI (Return on Investments) in many ways, such as increased user engagement, new features and functionalities which can help to improve user experience and there by increasing engagement, which there by leading to more conversions and higher revenue.

Its high time to upgrade to Drupal 10

According to Drupal, 1.3 million websites worldwide are using Drupal and it’s the second most popular content management system (CMS) in the world after WordPress. The commonly used Drupal versions like 8, 9 has already come to its end and Drupal 7 is about to reach its end of life. In this blog, we are exploring the benefits of upgrading to Drupal 10.

Reasons to upgrade to Drupal 10

There are many benefits you can get while upgrading to the latest version of the popular open source content management system (CMS) Drupal 10. The latest version of Drupal features improved security, better optimised performance and new functionalities, these updates can benefit your business to stay competitive in the crowd. The 10 th version of Drupal is capable of improved performance and scalability even at higher volumes of user traffic. It’s a perfect solution for businesses of high scale.

Drupal 10 is actively supported and maintained by the Drupal community, to ensure the security and compatibility of the platform in the future. Here are some of the major reasons for you to upgrade your businesses to Drupal 10.

  1. A More Secure CMS

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    A CMS (Content Management System) helps an organisation or business to create and modify their website content, and Drupal is one of the most popular CMS in the world, which is used by millions of businesses and organisations and security is a major concern for them.

    Drupal 10 is packed with many security features and enhancements like removal of deprecated code and the implemented many security measures such as Same-Site Cookies, CSP 3, and Level 3 Content Security Policy (CSP), which will effectively reduce the attack, and ensures the platform stays secure.

    According to Drupal, there are no security vulnerabilities found in Drupal 10, which can be critical since its release. Considering this fact, Drupal 10 is a more secure version of Drupal than before, thus business’s sensitive customer data is protected and are safe from the risks of cyber attacks.

  2. Mobile responsiveness

    As the smart-phones become more accessible to the crowd, everyone tend to use smart-phones commonly for all their daily use. So, the websites being mobile friendly is so important for user experience and accessibility. From Drupal 9 onwards Drupal thoughtfully integrated mobile accessibility as well.

    When the Drupal 10 released it came with a mobile-first approach, which means that its optimised for smaller screen sizes and for touch-based interactions. Drupal 10 with its responsive design can help businesses to reach more customers using mobile devices.

  3. Improved performance

    Drupal 10 is optimised for speed and scalability and from Drupal 10.2 onwards support for PHP 8.3 is introduced. The results of the benchmarks has showed a 2x performance boost from Drupal 9, which ensures that it can handle increased user traffic, performance improvements such as lazy loading of images, improved caching and better assets management to faster page loading speeds for the businesses to increase conversions and better user experience to their customers.

  4. Single Directory Components

    The inclusion of the experimental Single Directory Components (SDC) module in Drupal 10’s core, is to bridge the gap between the Drupal’s front-end development with component-based design approach. By this integration developers can work more closely with this specific design approach, which attracted significant traction in the recent years through technologies like React, Vue, Web Components and Story book.

  5. Overall accessibility

    Accessibility to all users of all skill levels is ensured by Drupal in Drupal 10. It has improvements like Colour Contrast, ARIA Landmarks, and Semantic HTML. The newer versions of Drupal 10 is built in compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA, which ensures the highest accessibility compliance level.

    According the Project Browser Initiative, Drupal is quite a challenging CMS to use, especially for new users. And by this initiative, its easier for new site builder modules to be founded and installed in Drupal. On the other hand the Easy Out of the Box initiative makes it easier for Admin level usage for non-technical users, and Claro admin theme is a part of this initiative.

  6. New admin theme: Claro

    Drupal 10 has become clean and simple, with the new admin theme “Claro” its more convenient and accessible for all users, while maintaining it’s modern feel complimenting the new front-end theme “Olivero”. Its an absolute accessibility win for Drupal 10.

  7. New front-end theme: Olivero

    Now, Olivero has become the default front-end theme in Drupal core. Its a modern, and simpler theme which designed with white space, clean fonts and clever colour usage in mind. Olivero takes a accessibility first design.

  8. Upgrades to CKEditor

    In the newer versions of Drupal 10, they have introduced CKEditor 5,with this now they enabled real-time collaboration and commenting, along with several remarkable improvements such as AI assistant, Word import, and pagination. In addition to this you can export to .docx and .pdf files, making it easier to print and share.

  9. Future-Proofing

    The Drupal 10 has three year of active support and maintenance, with long-term support (LTS) from Drupal community releasing every two years. The businesses can have a peace of mind by upgrading to the latest and secure version of Drupal 10, which help them to avoid security issues and compatibility problems in the future.

  10. Improved SEO

    Stay up-to-date with the latest technology

    Drupal 10 comes with improved SEO capabilities, with better URL handling, improved meta tags handling and structured data. By the usage of the new SEO-friendly URL s help businesses to increase visibility and reach more customers organically.

  11. Better Collaboration

    The latest version of Drupal can ensure that your website is compatible with all the latest versions of the 3rd party modules and plugins, which can help to improve the site’s functionality and performance.


The businesses or organisations upgrading to Drupal 10 can benefit from many features like enhanced site performance and revenue- generating potential, thus a better ROI.

The latest versions of Drupal 10, with better security, accessibility, improved and better collaboration with 3rd party modules and plugins. Drupal 10 is actively supported and maintained by the Drupal community with long term support (LTS) releasing every two years. This ensures your business will be future-proofed and the data will be secured.

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