Top 10 Drupal Websites in the World

Top 10 Drupal Websites in the World

Posted by admin ,20th May 2024

Should I use Drupal for my website? This is a common question.

Drupal has a reputation for being a powerful and versatile content management system (CMS), but what does that really mean?

If you are planning to build website, from simple informational sites to complex e-commerce platforms. Drupal is the greatest choice you can have for any unique brands or design aesthetics. Like the world’s most influential businesses and organisations like General Electric, eBay, The Economist, NASA, Nokia, WWF are a few to be named, that run their websites using Drupal.

The large number of organisations still uses CMS, this might come as a surprise, however they usually provide its reliability for developing powerful and noteworthy sites. We checked the web to bring you our list of the top Drupal websites.

A list of the top 10 Drupal websites worldwide, showcasing the best examples of Drupal web development

For a list of Drupal’s 10 best sites, read on.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, is the premier organization of the United States government that oversees both the nation's commercial space program and aeronautics and aerospace research. In physics, astronomy, and engineering, they have been at the vanguard of many modern scientific breakthroughs. For those who love science, their website is a virtual haven. It offers links to download a plethora of educational materials and applications, as well as details on both current and historical space missions. Ultra-high-resolution images and movies of space are also available for viewing. The website is a brilliant illustration of how to use Drupal CMS to provide eye-catching data and improve user experience. The website is a global haven for science lovers.

2. WWF

The WWF website is an effective, picture-rich, and potent medium. With a clear call to action to adopt an animal, it has an immersive animation that emphasizes the frailty of the natural world and the organization's mission. Central call to action (CTAs) are integrated into the main navigation bar of this neat, effective, and uncluttered website.


Using Drupal CMS, Tesla, a leader in clean energy and electric motors worldwide, has produced a simple and efficient website. One notable aspect of the business is its homepage, which is intended to highlight its merchandise. Tesla has become a major force in the tech sector thanks to its emphasis on electric motors and clean energy. The company's dedication to sustainability and innovation is demonstrated on its website.

4. The Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards are a set of American honours given to the top performers, directors, engineers, musicians, and humanitarian philanthropists in American television. Videos, event schedules, and notable events and personalities can all be found on their website. While dense, the website presents itself in an elegant manner, evoking the spirit of a major player in show business such as the Television Academy. When it comes to the content of your website, think about utilizing suggested Drupal themes for a more captivating online experience.


Nokia, a major cell phone manufacturer, uses Drupal 8 for its main website, catering to both businesses and individual customers. The site features the latest news and available goods, catering to both businesses and individual customers. is the Drupal site for Nokia.

6. University of Oxford

Drupal is a popular choice for schools and universities due to its scalability, security, and performance, especially in high traffic environments. Oxford University's main website has been built on Drupal for years, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness.

The Drupal site for Oxford is


Drupal was chosen by The Economist, a newspaper that resembled a magazine in 1843, for its online edition because of its vibrant worldwide community and variety of modules. Millions of visitors each day were given access to a strong foundation for writing, publishing, and delivering news thanks to Drupal. The team was also able to add social tools in the future because the platform offered customization options, including a personalized subscription system.


The UNICEF Innovation Fund provides funding for innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of children worldwide. Its most recent website is designed to be informative and is based on Drupal 8. It has a clean, modern aesthetic. The Drupal site for UNICEF is

9. The Australian Government, the official website of the Australian government, features over 3,000 pages covering various topics like healthcare, culture, career opportunities, and travel recommendations. The website is powered by Drupal. The website's layout resembles an inverted funnel, with categories that lead to more focused sections as visitors browse. It is an all-inclusive resource for residents, tourists, and business owners since it connects to social media platforms and local news sources.

10. ABS-CBN News

The news branch of the Philippine media giant ABS-CBN Corporation is called ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs. It is the biggest and most comprehensive news source in the Philippines, with bureaus spread across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. With the help of Drupal, their website enables real-time news delivery across social media platforms and promotes community conversation by requiring news readers to log in.

Why brands are moving to Drupal

This article provides examples of Drupal websites, showcasing the potential of the CMS and highlighting the benefits of Drupal migration.