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How to create duplicate content of a node using Node Clone Drupal Module.

For one of our E-commerce Based Drupal site having lots of Product need an option to Duplicate a particular product to make other products having…


How to Export the Drupal Commerce Products inside a drupal site to a xls/csv File.

For one of our Drupal 7 Commerce site having several products need to export data of those created products. For exporting those products, we first…


Drupal 7 How to configure and made certain fields as unique on Feed Import.

For one of our Drupal 7 Site, we are importing data using the Feed importer module. Drupal feeds module provides the possibility to make SOME fields…


How to create Entity Type and Bundle programatically in Drupal 7

Object Oriented programming (OOP) is mainly associated with the concept of objects which contain data, in the form of fields. Drupal7 also support…


How to use highcharts in Drupal 7

Highcharts  is a JavaScript charting library, used to enhance the web application. Like other applications, Drupal also has modules and functions to…


How to differentiate the custom module, Core Module and Contributed Module in drupal projects

Module Checker This module will is used to differentiate the custom, contribute and core module. This module will be used for statistical and dev…